Using the Mind’s Natural Intuitive Ability in Financial Markets

An Intensive Weekend Workshop at the World-Renowned Monroe Institute



Do you have an uncanny sense of knowing?  Are you successful in what you do?  Have others admired you and looked to you for guidance, leadership, and direction?  You may be a natural intuitive.  We are privileged and delighted to offer the opportunity to learn an eminently practical application for your innate abilities—an intuitive forecasting strategy as an aide to investment decision-making based on the use of redundant, error-detecting protocols.  This is a special application of what has become known as Associative Remote Viewing.  In this weekend intensive training workshop you will learn how to use the techniques of Associative Remote Viewing to invest in the stock and commodity markets.


Even more exciting, you’ll learn directly from two experts in the field, Skip Atwater, Research Director at The Monroe Institute and Marty Rosenblatt, a physicist who has a long history of putting this system into practice.  Skip, a retired military officer, was the Operations and Training Officer for the once highly classified U.S. Army Intelligence remote-viewing surveillance program.  Marty is President of Physics Intuition Applications and has designed, managed, and participated in eight Associative Remote Viewing protocols.  Marty’s focus in this workshop will be to teach the most successful protocol, Protocol 8.  At the end of the workshop, the participants can use the approach on their own or join an ongoing investment club.


Unlike a number of the advanced courses at The Monroe Institute, this workshop is open to the public, has no prerequisites, and requires no previous training in remote viewing.  This is an intensive, hands-on weekend workshop where you’ll learn the intuitive forecasting theory and then make actual market trades using your skills.


On Friday you’ll be introduced to the Institute’s audio-guidance technology for enhancing your intuitive abilities.  On Saturday, you’ll brush up on remote-viewing protocols, and then you’ll learn the simple technique of Associative Remote Viewing (ARV).  Skip and Marty will do live analysis and judging of participants’ ARV sessions, and you’ll learn to do the same kind of analysis yourself.  By the end of the day, you’ll be doing ARV for a simulated trade.  Then, on Sunday you’ll delve deeper into simulated online trading.  You’ll be involved in making buy and sell decisions.  You’ll do live trading on Monday and learn the results before the end of the workshop.  


When the workshop is over you’ll go home and can continue trading on your own or you can join an investment club with others who are using the same ARV approach that you will learn.  You’ve been looking for a practical application for your intuitive talent—what could be more practical than this?


If you have any questions regarding the INTUITIVE INVESTING WORKSHOP or if you would like to register, please call the Program Registrar at (434) 361-1252, (866) 881-3440 [toll-free], or e-mail us at  Learn more about The Monroe Institute online at