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MISTIE - An Online Approach for Training Your Intuitive Capabilities for Predicting the Future

Logon for submitting MISTIE Predictions

Your intuition can be trained.   MISTIE is the online training component of our AVM Project.   AVM represents an Animal, Vegetable or Mineral target/photo that will be randomly chosen after you enter your prediction.

Feedback is essential during training to reinforce what you are doing right and to assist you in eliminating what you are doing wrong.   MISTIE provides feedback in minutes rather than the two stock trading days needed in the full AVM Project stock market application.   (MISTIE is short for MInute Stock-simulator for Training and Intuition Exploration)

AVM Animated GIF Feedback consists of the actualized AVM photos plus a summary of your success percentile as compared to chance.   In MISTIE, a random number generator is used to determine the AVM (Animal, Vegetable, Mineral) nature of the target/photo after your predictions are submitted.

The MISTIE background and approach discussion includes three specific methods (the pendulum, Associative Remote Viewing, and hunches) that you can use.

A how-to description of the various screens appearing after logon is here and is applicable to both MISTIE and the AVM Project.   The idea is that you can begin with feedback in minutes for early training, and then you can move to deepening your precognition for future events taking place in days.   Eventually, this quantitative feedback approach will be extended to predictions where feedback will not be available for months or even years.

If you would like to participate, logon as a new or return user to MISTIE.