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Applications: Predicting Earthquakes

Under Construction

As an example of using the AVM approach for predicting earthquakes, consider the following example:
Predict the three "targets" for the largest seismic response on the San Adreas Fault during the first quarter of 1999.

(The details on Location and Magnitude are TBD)

Making Predictions Using "Associative Intuition"

Rather than directly predicting the three target elements, previous experience with "Associative Remote Viewing" has shown that using an association with a more neutral, but tangible object, is a productive technique. So, we will use the AVM protocol in the following fashion.

Earthquake ID


540 Month
541 Location
542 Magnitude

For each prediction, select One of the 3 Option Buttons for Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral, in that order. You can optionally add text.

E-ID = 540

E-ID = 541

E-ID = 542

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