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Applications: Intuition Exploration (InE) with Feedback

Connections Through Time - Issue 17: October - December 2002

The InE Protocol is for exploring your intuition with the focus on precognition (seeing into the future).  The approach involves describing photos that you will be shown in the future.  The free online protocol is based on Remote Viewing (RV) and Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) methods.

After you register your username and logon, you can begin to explore your ability to see/sense your future by intending to correctly describe some features of a randomly chosen photograph that you will be shown in the future.  The feedback photo is Step C in a user-friendly A B C approach.

The RV-like option is referred to as "AtoC Style", since you submit your summary description of the predicted photo in Step A and then immediately get photo feedback in Step C.  Full RV protocols can be used in this style for practice sessions.  

The ARV option is the "ABC Style", where an additional Step B is involved for judging your summary description compared with two possible photo choices.  The correct feedback photo is again presented in Step C.  The protocol keeps track of your hits and misses and this info is available for you to use to improve your precognitive intuition.

We have made one primary modification to the initial InE Protocol.  The new version includes the option in Step B to do independent judging as well as self-judging.  Self-judging involves you seeing both possible photo-choices and is a controversial approach because some people feel that seeing both photos could negatively influence your RV prediction session (Step A) done earlier.  To do independent judging, simply let someone else logon with your username/password after you complete Step A.  This person can then go directly to Step B and see your Step A descriptive summary and compare it to the two possible photo-choices.  The judge will be able to see the correct feedback photo in Step C, and you will be able to see his comments as well as the correct feedback photo by using the "Photo Prediction Data" link on the main InE page and then clicking the PhotoID number.

The procedure is easier to do than to describe, so register and logon here and explore your intuition.  Feel free to register more than one username as you explore your self using RV and ARV.

Any questions or comments - email them here.



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