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Connections Through Time

P-I-A's Quarterly Online Publication
Issue 21:  July - September 2003

Applied Remote Viewing and Precognition

In this issue, we discuss three well-documented examples of applied Remote Viewing (RV).  We use these examples to discuss how precognition may have provided valuable information even though these applications focused on unknowns in the past or the present.

Physics   Finding a Sunken Ship Lost for 150 Years (Stephan Schwartz and the Mobius Group)

Intuition   A Secret Soviet Site (Pat Price and the SRI Group)

 Applications   The 1973 Remote Viewing Probe of the Planet Jupiter - Rings around gotta be crazy! (Ingo Swann and the SRI Group)

ISSN: 1525-8807
Copyright 2003 by Physics-Intuition-Applications, Inc.

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