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Applications: MISTIE - An Online Approach for Training Your Intuitive Capabilities for Predicting the Future

Connections Through Time - Issue 3: April - June 1999

Your intuition can be trained for predicting the future with an edge over chance.   MISTIE is the online training component of our AVM Project.   AVM represents an Animal, Vegetable or Mineral target/photo that will be randomly chosen after you enter your prediction.

AVM Animated GIFFeedback is essential during training to reinforce what you are doing right and to assist you in eliminating what you are doing wrong.   Feedback consists of the actualized AVM target/photos plus your success percentile history as compared to chance.   MISTIE provides feedback in minutes rather than the two stock trading days needed in the full AVM Project stock market application.   A random number generator is used to determine the AVM nature of the target/photo after your predictions are submitted.
(MISTIE is short for MInute Stock-simulator for Training and Intuition Evaluation.)

More details are below including specific methods that can be successfully applied using MISTIE for predicting the future; however, if you feel ready to explore this new online training technique, you can logon here.   Predict, get feedback, and have fun.

Predicting the future using intuition is a natural capability of human beings.   While intuition is not an intellectual-analytical-scientific process, scientific studies have demonstrated that predicting the future is a reality of our universe.   For example, see the summary in Issue 1 as well as the scientific confirmation studies done by a group at Princeton University.   The scientific work is sufficient to prove the existence of this phenomenon, known as precognition.

Our goal, with MISTIE and the AVM Project, is to provide online techniques for helping you train and apply your intuition for predicting the future.   The online approach is simple and structured.   The structure is important for obtaining consistent above-chance results and for establishing a methodology which can lead to practical applications.

The simplicity of the approach follows from being able to choose to do the following from any page after you logon:
- Enter Predictions
- Obtain Feedback: photographic and quantitative
- Set Preferences
These choices are available from the Welcome Page and from well-marked links near the top of the other pages (right below the "pia line").   A how-to description of what to do with each choice is here - the how-tos for MISTIE are the same as for the AVM Project.

The most frequently asked question, and appropriately so, is:
QUESTION:   What method or technique should I use for making my intuitive predictions?

ANSWER:   The key is to develop a method that bypasses your conscious-thinking side and lets your subconscious-intuitive side do the predicting.

The subconscious-intuitive part of you
can use your nervous system
to gather the future information
that you request
from the universe and
communicate that information
to the conscious-thinking part of you.

Three specific methods, the Pendulum, Associative Remote Viewing, and Hunches will be discussed below.

1.   The Pendulum

2.   Associative Remote Viewing (ARV)

3.   Hunches (i.e., subtle senses, knowings, gut feelings, intuitive feelings)


Remember, you are responsible for developing the details of a successful method that works for you!   MISTIE is designed to assist you with this training process.   Logon to MISTIE here.

Copyright 1999 by Physics-Intuition-Applications, Inc.